Making a Difference, One Vaccination at a Time

Every year, you serve thousands of patients within your community. And everyone who steps into your pharmacy may be a new opportunity with whom to discuss vaccination. That's why GSK is providing you with information and resources to increase patient awareness of vaccination. Your guidance and care, together with GSK's resources, can help your patients protect themselves from vaccine-preventable diseases.

One shot at a time, one patient at a time, you can help lead the country towards a shared national goal: Ensuring that patients receive recommended vaccinations that are appropriate for them.

Throughout this website, you'll find resources to help you make in-pharmacy vaccination part of your patient conversations everyday. We're making it easier to find information on coding and claims, reordering vaccines, and GSK vaccine indications, and we're providing tools to help you educate and counsel your patients.

Together, we can be a VacciNATION.

MLVWCNT190032 December 2019