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Tdap Vaccination
Pharmacy Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you raise awareness about tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, and Tdap vaccines available in your pharmacy. Use these resources to remind your patients, including those in close contact with infants, of the importance of getting vaccinated. Whether you simply want to create awareness about Tdap vaccination or are having a designated event, the tools below will help you get the word out in your community. You can download the entire kit or each component separately by clicking on the orange links below. Please note that these materials may not be altered except to fill in event details where indicated.


Create Awareness in Your Community

Tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough are serious diseases, but you can help protect your patients by educating them about Tdap vaccines. Use the resources below to reach patients effectively.


Reach your patients through email to remind them about their vaccination and to create awareness of the other vaccines you offer.

In-Home Letter

Some individuals respond better to physical mail, so we created an in-home letter that can be personalized and mailed to patients to encourage them to visit your pharmacy for their vaccinations.

Website Banners

These banner ads can be posted on your retailer website or given to media providers to reach patients on the web and encourage them to visit your pharmacy for their vaccinations.

Facebook Post

This pre-created post can be uploaded to your Facebook page to encourage your Facebook followers to visit your pharmacy to get vaccinations.

Create Awareness In-Store

Once patients are in your store, it’s important to remind them to talk to the pharmacist about tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, and Tdap vaccination. The tools below will help get patients’ attention and encourage them to inquire about Tdap vaccination.


Place around your store to prompt patients to have a conversation with the pharmacist about adult vaccinations available in the pharmacy.

Poster with Event Details

Place these posters around your store to educate patients about your upcoming vaccination event. You can customize these posters with the dates and times of the event.

Pharmacist Stickers

Stickers were created specifically for pharmacists to wear to prompt patients to ask about which vaccines may be right for them.

Retail Staff Stickers

Retail staff stickers are for staff members to wear around the store to drive customers to ask the pharmacist about which vaccines may be right for them.

Prescription Bag Stickers

Prescription bag stickers can be placed on pharmacy bags to remind patients to ask their pharmacist about appropriate vaccines.

Prescription Bag Stuffers

Prescription bag stuffers can be used in conjunction with prescription bag stickers to prompt conversations about appropriate vaccines with patients.

Tdap Awareness Sign

Place this sign at the pharmacy counter, in the waiting area, or exam room to encourage patients to ask about Tdap vaccination when seeking protection against tetanus.


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